Monday, July 01, 2013

#2: That Time I Found Out What Manties Were

Top Ten Continues....

In 2006, my life was going through a transition.  I had just gotten out of a tumultuous relationship, got a new roommate, was starting a new job, and, probably most importantly, discovered what manties were.

According to their website, this is why one would wear manties: For those nights and days, when you want to be and feel a little special, naughty, and very sexy, these Manties® are for you. Once you have them on, it will be "hard" to take them off. They are made of nylon and have the extra room where you need it, for the most comfortable fit there is. Once you try a pair, you will wonder why you never tried them before. Panties are for the gals. MANties® are for the guys.

Now, how did I discover what these were?'ll just have to read what happened to me back in 2006...when a series of three events probably (at least) rival any unique roommate stories you have.

Click here --> I find out what manties are.

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