Wednesday, July 03, 2013

#1: That Time I Was Raped and Sued

Yes.  Truly, the moment we have all been waiting for.  After weeks of suspense...and tens, nay, hundreds, nay, thousands of people clamoring to know which blog would be self-deemed as the best blog of all time...the time has come.

But first...let's recap, shall we?

10: Nearly dying the morning of my first marathon from a peanut allergy

9: My dog being addicted to drugs and lying about it

8: The original blog-antagonists: Mark S. Manasse and Eva Longoria

7: Disappointment with a cancelled Ironman, and then rejoice at not pooping myself at another

6: Speaking of poop, that time a girl pooped on my leg

5: Arousing massage problems

4: A shout out to a previous (creative) partner with a Mr. and Mr. Fingers video

3: Investigating a woman's bathroom and discovering all the mysteries within

2: My roommate.  A thong.  Comedy ensues.

Really, though, when you think about it...there really could be no other #1.

This blog is famous (infamous?) because I actually received a lawyerly letter because of its contents.  The version now posted has been modified so that I no longer do things like:

  • State the name of the establishment that this event "allegedly" happened in
  • Post the pictures of any staff members who may have been involved
  • Mention people by name, under their picture, and dare other people to contact them
I have no idea why this place would want me to take the information down.  None at all.

Anyway, this blog really opened my eyes to the fact that (a) people really do read what I write and (b) I really don't like having things shoved in my ass.

Was I *really* raped and sued?  Read on....

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