Monday, June 17, 2013

#9: That Time My Dog Was Addicted to Drugs

Still counting down the top ten blogs of all time.

I have written numerous blogs about my dogs over the years.  About them outsmarting me (not tough to do).  About them pooping more than me (that is tough to do).  About them sitting or farting on my face (I don't recommend this in any sexually-deviant circles).

But this blog about one of my dogs, Maggie, has always stood out in my mind from all the rest as one of the funniest things I have ever seen a dog do....let alone MY dog.

No, Maggie didn't really do crack.  And, yes, the references to cocaine in the blog are SARCASTIC...but my dog did have a serious issue with Sports Beans...and was literally hiding this problem from us...all around the house.

So, coming in at #9, way back from 2008, my favorite dog blog (click here -->): Maggie the pug is addicted to Sports Beans.

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