Wednesday, June 26, 2013

#5: Massage Issues

Top Ten Blog continues...

I don't like when people "touch me;" it's true. I have a rather large "no fly zone" when it comes to my body.  Some people deem this neurotic.  Others erotic.  I just call it blog material.

Over the years, I have written about my numerous problems...getting pummeled by a So Relax guy during one massage...having another dude repeating a mantra of "give your neck to me, Mark" during another.  I even told a masseuse one time NOT to massage my chest...and she REFUSED and said she HAD TO!  WTF, indeed.  

It has been one comedy of errors after another, but all massage stories to be told at other times.  Although funny, not Top Ten material (maybe I should just have a Top Ten Massage Blogs?)

My massage issues "culminated" (huh huh) in 2011 when Tauni and I went into one of those blinky-light places to get a message.  Why did we do this?  Who knows...but it was Tauni's idea.  She likes to F with me.

Did it go well?  

What happened?

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