Thursday, June 27, 2013

#4: Mr. and Mr. Fingers

No real Top Ten Blog list would be complete without paying some sort of tribute to my original creative partner in crime.  He's tagged in almost every post; he FORCED me to start blogging in the first place; and I have seen him naked thousands upon thousands of times...and not once have I been impressed.

Of course...I'm talking about Darron "Can I Pee On Your Jellyfish Sting" E. (It's a family name).

Back in 2005, Darron and I, fresh off of our Yahoo Instant Messaging Championship and fifteen minutes of fame...decided to branch out into the world of campy video production.  I don't remember exactly how we came up with the idea of our fingers being the star of poorly-produced, social commentary (maybe it was during our three-day water fast)...but I do know the few videos we created were absolutely awful.  Yet funny.

The premise? Mr. and Mr. Fingers were sexually-ambiguous fingers living inside the belt on the floor of my living room.  This, obviously, makes complete sense.

The gimmick?  They never both faced the camera at the same essence, becoming interchangeable with one another.  Subsequently, no one could tell them apart, not visually nor by name.  Not even their girlfriends or other characters on the show could tell the difference.

Pure comedic gold.

Well...we never created any episodes.  We did create two interviews with the worst sound quality IN THE WORLD...and, coming in at #4...we created a theme song and opening montage.

If it's the first time you are hearing about Mr. and Mr. Fingers or the tenth time...they are real.  We really did create this video.  And the watch, and the dancing, and the off-tune singing, and the misspelled words were all on purpose.

Sad.  So sad.  Funny.  Yet sad.

Click Here --> Mr. and Mr. Fingers Theme Song

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