Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Japan -- Day 2: I Saw the Sign(s) and They Opened Up My Mind(s)

Some thoughts about signs I saw in Kyoto.

Did I figure out how to use the Hollywood Squares bathroom?  Circle gets the square!

Mushroom-headed-plasticman-dads, please hold on to all insects with legs.

Only YOU can prevent forest fires and simultaneously feed your dog.

Do I really have to pick up rocks, or can I just pretend to before I pretend throw them at the monkey?

If your cigarette starts thinking when you are going to the bathroom, please ride away on your bike.

If you grow a third leg or your bike attacks you, you have had too many of the special mushrooms with your sushi.

When the rain stops you from burning a child, just take your bike and run over him.

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