Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Laughter Yoga, The Joke's on Me.

It's true. I will try (almost) anything once. So, when it was suggested that I try something called "Laughter Yoga," that's right, "Laughter Yoga," I just couldn't resist.

I think it's really one of those things you have to experience to truly understand the depth of its absurdity, but to put it simply, it was crazy! Personally, I went in being completely ready to poke fun at the experience and internally mock everyone there. I figured if nothing else, it would give me something to write about, too. Well, I did poke fun; I mocked, but underneath it all, there was something in, in a way, the joke was on me.

In sum, a group of adults get together to make fools of themselves in public, with about an hour of fake (and sometimes real) laughing in a circle...and there is absolutely no yoga involved whatsoever. If you don't believe me, look here. This is real. I promise. I did this. Willingly.

What kinds of things did I do while I was there:

I had to talk in emotional gibberish to a person who I had never met before.
I played laughter bumper cars.
I had to make crazy animal sounds.
I had to take (imaginary) laughter pills that made me say "hee" or "haw."
I had to end every exercise by doing a chant of "Very good, very good, YAY!"
I had to tell people that they were amazing...and if someone told me I was amazing, I had to say "Thank you."
And throughout it all, I had to be constantly fake laughing...this was part of the deal. Always. Hee Hee. Haw Haw. The entire time.

Here's the kicker.

There were moments when this laughter wasn't fake. Even though I felt completely out of my element, even though I felt ridiculously vulnerable because I had to take the stick out of my ass and act like a five-year-old, in public, around people I didn't know..there were these moments where I...perish the thought...let go and actually was truly and honestly laughing. And probably the most I had laughed in a really long time, too.

Would I want to invite these people over to my house for dinner? HELLLLL no. But what I thought would be a complete waste of time really wasn't.

I probably won't go back. I think it's one of those situation where it isn't you, Laughter Yoga; it's me. But I'm glad I went, though...and, if only for one hour, felt what it was like to be a kid again. A crazy, psychotic kid on acid, but a kid nevertheless.

If you need a laugh, and can stand making a fool out of yourself in front of others (a natural gift of mine), I say, give it a try.

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