Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Me Inside of Me Smells of Day Old Fish and Miley Cyrus

"Online Mark is different than Work Mark" crept out of my mouth as I cringed. Deep in my mind, I wondered...Why?...

Maybe it's because I'm not willing to seek out Miley Cyrus and tell her face..."Please, for the love of God...just shut up. Just shut up. SHUT IT...No one cares. No one. Shhhh. SHHHHHHHHHHH. Shh." For example, here is the first news hit for her on Google around 9:00 AM Miley Got a Third Tattoo...Oh, and By the Way It's 9/11. Seriously. No. One. Cares.

Maybe it's because I'm not going to tell a restaurant owner that the food sucks, the place sucks, and I would prefer drinking donkey pee than going there again. They might not find this "funny" or "entertaining," but Online Mark does. So I Yelp away...but the owners Yelp, they email me back and offer me food, excuses, and compliments to get me to shut up. To just shut up. Like I'm their Miley Cyrus...

Maybe In-Person Mark finds himself in conversations that morph into talking about online moments: "Did you see what [fill in the blank] posted on Facebook? I know...what an idiot, right?" melding the world of the real? what...the unreal? So people care? About what?

This all comes to a head when talking to me in person and referencing an Online Mark moment. How odd I feel that my tongue-and-cheek crassness was read, referenced, and flung out into the middle of a live conversation...leaving the In-Person (and arguably Stick-Up-His-Ass) Mark momentarily confused. What are you talking saw that?

I have written so much and thrown so much out there, I get people talking to me about stuff that I don't even remember writing...and find myself saying "Sorry"...In-Person Mark embarrassed by Online Mark's antics.

It's scary. It's powerful. It has changed how I write online. I used to be able to blast whomever I wanted without fear of repercussion...because who was going to care? It's all for fun...and no one reads this...

...but that's not true. I need to rethink about an audience? My audience? Do I have an audience? Do they want me to shut up? And how many of them have lawyers?

Maybe Online Mark is different than Work Mark. Maybe not. Both of us think Miley Cyrus is we at least have things in common.