Wednesday, August 18, 2010

UCSD is Stupid

I was taking a class at UCSD this summer...and every day, as I walked through the campus, I would look up at to see the names, faces, and accomplishments of famous graduates they were honoring. Writers. Scientists. Etc.

But then I would get to this one picture every morning and every morning I would stop and think: Dude...that's just stupid.

Why? Because the sign was touting that UCSD was the 7th best public university in the nation. According to UCSD News, this is true (as of 2009):

U.S. News & World Report ranks UC San Diego as the 7th best public university in the nation, and 35th among the nation’s top 262 universities. Also, in its 2009 survey of graduate programs, U.S. News ranks the School of Medicine 6th among the nation’s public medical schools and the Jacobs School of Engineering 6th among the nation’s public engineering schools. U.S. News also ranks UC San Diego 15th among national universities in the category of “Up and Coming Schools.”

Seriously? I understand that RELATIVELY that is awesome...but in the grand scheme of things, do people ever go around and chant "WE'RE NUMBER 7! WE'RE NUMBER 7!" It's hilarious to me to have a sign right in the middle of campus...proudly displaying that every student on campus should feel inferior to six other campuses:

Thanks for your 30K (out-of-staters) could have been getting a better education somewhere else! And we used your money to make a sign to remind you! SUCKERS!

So I would continue on my walk and chuckle...because UCSD is stupid....and I knew the sign would be there the next day, and I would get to chuckle all over again.

(no thought about the fact that I was paying to go there, too)

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