Thursday, July 22, 2010

By Special Request

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I wrote a brief piece about my friend's dog...I read it to her, and she liked it, and asked me to blog about it. it is:


Disco Jr. is a small Chihuahua-mix. My friend, Jen, rescued him after he was found under a freeway overpass, malnourished and with a busted leg. Soon after, Jen went on vacation for three weeks (no connection, I'm sure), and asked if we would watch her "innocent, little baby."

"Sure, why not."

We are now no longer friends.

From the beginning, it was clear that Disco Jr. was full of life, energy, and most importantly, pee. Although fully potty trained, Disco Jr. would decide to pee in certain areas of the house when it suited him best, and I would find his toothless gaze and gimpy gate increasingly less endearing when I would pick up a pair of recently-soaked pants that I purposely hung on a chair away from his never ending fountain of fun. At times, he would stare at me while he went, and through my yells.

We own two pugs, Maggie and Morrie, and they liked to gang up on poor Disco Jr. To defend himself, he would snarl his gums at them, which only interested them more. So, in retaliation, Disco Jr. would snap, but instead of a clanking of teeth, all we would hear was a bumping of gums. This really made me laugh. Out loud. In fact, I am laughing at him again right now.

So maybe, peeing all over my clothes wasn't a sign of stupidity after all, but instead, a form of doggy karma. As I laughed at Disco Jr.'s misfortune...he would bide his time and give a toothless smile as he stumbled upon something I own. A "who's laughing now, bitch" grin all over his face.