Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thinking About Thinking

Something interesting happens when in the middle of an endurance sport. You are alone. With your thoughts. And your thoughts. Well, they are alone. With you.

Now, normally, this isn't such a bad thing. Many times into a three-hour ride, I finally figure out what the heck I am going to do with one of my classes...two years from now....cuz, that's important. Hmm...

I have to say, though, "what do you think about" is almost one of my favorite questions when asked about training for triathlons. Some other common (and not nearly as interesting) questions are:

Doesn't your butt start to hurt?

What is a triathlon?

Is that the Ironman?

What order are the events in?

Is that like that thing like in Hawaii?


How far is it?

(These, again, are the most common questions. Please don't confuse these with the most common statements: "I could/would never do that" or "I lose my breath walking up stairs" [sometimes heard as "around the block" or "down the street"] or "You are crazy.")


Honestly, the real question here isn't "WHAT do I think about?" The more pertinent question is "WHY do I think about the things I think about?" For example, many times when over an hour into swimming/biking/running, I start singing JLO songs. I'm not kidding. JLO.


BAM...again and again and again. Now the what in this instance is clearly gay and embarrassing...but the why...the WHY is what gets me.

Why am I singing a JLO song?
Why am I singing THIS JLO song?
Why am I changing the words of the song from:

Waiting for tonight, oh
When you would be here in my arms
Waiting for tonight, oh
I've dreamed of this love for so long


Waiting to take a poo, oh
It will be there in the bowl.
Waiting to take a poo, oh
I've dreamed of this poo for so long

Clearly, this is not normal, but something about the rhythm of the song and the word "poo" (which always makes me laugh), keeps me going. I guess that's my why?

Another song that I am apt to sing is the California Drinking Song Now the why here is tricky.

Part of me thinks I sing this song because it's long, and I can never remember all the words. Consequently, I sing it again and again in my head, taking up gobs of time...berating myself for my lack of memory...and completely forgetting about what I'm doing.

I also think that maybe, deep within my brain, I start burning off some cells from when I used to be an alcoholic in college..and as these cells die...they sing me a little song in tribute. You never know.


So, it seems, some of my why's are for comic relief, some are for distraction, and others are clearly more scientific in nature.

I also may just have some sort of deep passion for JLO and drinking.

And, of course, I guess I also could be gay.

I'll keep thinking about it...perhaps tonight...with a beer...ohhhhh


Anonymous said...

I found a typo in your blog!!! I can die knowing my existance was not futile. I also giggle at the word "poo".

Manasse said...

I wish I could say that is unusual. Alas, since I fired my editor, I have at least one per blog.

I'm hiring, if you want a job.

Maccerz said...

I found another typo in your comment. You wrote "job" when you really meant to spell it "blowjob".

Pull it together, man.