Friday, April 23, 2010

Fake Orgies and The People They F Over

I have often thought taking me seriously makes as much sense as a fat homeless person. But in today's blog-centric, Google-driven seems things have changed.

For every light-hearted blog (mine, for example), you get idiots who use the internet to post fake-orgy ads when feuding with a neighbor (I couldn't make this shit up if I tried).

Words, of course, have power, and the thin veil of the internet allows millions of people to voice their ideas, often quite rudely, and often without fear of repercussion. I mean, how much more likely is a person to comment on a blog "I hate you, you f'ing, asshole," than say those words to a person's face? I have done the math. It is much more likely. Like at least three times more likely squared.

What gets me, though, is satire gone wrong...or should I say, satire misinterpreted.

Case in point, I was actually legally threatened this year because of my blog. I got "a letter" from "a lawyer" who demanded I "cease and desist" my "libelous" and "slanderous" accusations regarding "his client."

Are you fucking kidding me? Have you read this blog? A blog in which I claim Eva Longoria is ugly. A blog in which I discuss, in depth mind you, the defecation habits of my dogs. A blog where if my tongue were any further in cheek, I might look like this guy:

The thing is, with the growing "popularity" (if that is even the right word) of this blog, and the ability to easily find content on the internet...I have fallen victim to the cyber plague of the 21st Century:

People are chicken shits.

They hide behind lawyers, HOAs, HR reps, agents, assistants, in fact, any middleman to do their dirty work.

The internet has not only shielded these chicken shits, it has propagated the issue to such an extreme, that some people have lost the ability to have face-to-face discussions about even the slightest disagreement.

Too many one-way, asynchronous conversations have people believing that "to talk something through" is taboo. I'll just have my lawyer take care of that for me has removed the ability for some people to look another person in the eye and say, with conviction, " suck."

Let's keep things in perspective, here. There is a dramatic difference between calling for a "gang-bang on a bored soccer mom" and claiming "Mylie Cyrus sucks."

If anyone has an issue with this, let's talk about it...


Maccerz said...

Fuck you, asshole.

Manasse said...

Thank let's go gang bang your mom.

Lali said...

So I see that you got the letter from my lawyer...