Sunday, October 25, 2009

There's a Caterpillar In My Bok Choy

Not very often do you google search something like "bok choy caterpillar" and come back with a bunch of results for a movie with it's own website:

...but I did, and there is, so here we are.

Anyway...I found the mother fucker that single handedly ate THREE of my bok choy plants. Here he is before I threw him into the next yard:

I guess it really is a cabbage moth larva? Here is a professional picture:

I bet you didn't know they have green blood. But they do. Whoops...I might have squeezed it just a little too hard. Tee hee.

But why didn't I kill the little shit before it ate all my plants? I couldn't see it! It was the same exact color as the soil...and it wasn't until this morning that he made the mistake of not burying himself more fully.

If that wasn't enough carnage for one morning, we also found this carcass "living" under our shed. What you might not be able to capture here is that his limbs and spine had been torn from his body. Ah, nature. You truly are beautiful.

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ann marie said...

bugs, blood, and carcas . . . are you running out of poop stories?