Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Blogging: A Defense

I saw a pic on one of my "friend's" Facebook pages that said, and I quote:

Blogging: Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.

Now...that's funny, but you know when you start laughing at something, then you start thinking about it...and the laugh turns to a a laugh-pause-laugh-pause...until you finally think "Shit. That kind of is true. About me."

Don't worry. I "defriended" her instantly.

But this did get me thinking. Why do I blog? Should I blog? You know what? I think I was born to blog.

In what other forum could I let people know that a little girl pooped on my leg while her non-English speaking grandmother laughed at me?

How could I go on living without people knowing that I was raped during my colonic?

And that 90% of my massages end with some kind of inappropriate fondling?

The public needs, no, deserves to know that my dog has a drug problem and likes to ooze things from her ass onto me.

What kind of person would I be if someone in Romania didn't know that a beetle attacked my testicles?

Could you really be complete without knowing that I had a man do a 360 so I could check out his outfit in the men's room...or that I am in love with my male swim coach?

How would you know that I have a vendetta against some poor guy with the same name as me because he gets more google hits?

And don't get even me started on Eva Longoria!

Would it matter if I stopped blogging? Probably not. Do I have little to say to few? Perhaps. But you know the old adage...if my dog leaks anal fluid onto my leg, and no one is around to read about, did she really ever ooze?

Oh she did...and so here we are.

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ann marie said...

I think if you stopped blogging, there would be a void in my cold heart that only vodka could fill . . .