Monday, June 22, 2009

My version of 9 1/2 Weeks (9 down, zero to go)

I was pushing my memory a bit, but as I left the doctor's today, about 9.5 weeks after I broke my collarbone...I had a vision of Mickey Rourke (pre jacking his face up) and Kim Basinger pop into my head.

Didn't they star in some soft core porn called 9 1/2 weeks?

So, I came home and checked it out. They did!

Apropos to my 9 1/2 weeks, the two lovers are seen in this clip as devouring food, each other, themselves. Wow. If they added a little McDonald's in there, they really would have captured my two months off!

So, of course, I had to come up with titles for porn movies involving my collarbone:

Marky Does Bone Healing

Deep (Soft Tissue Damage Near My) Throat

Touch My Bump

I Want to Collarbone You

Catch My Road Rash If You Can

Point being, I have been given clearance, Clarence. Now comes the fun part...trying to get back into shape...and lose the 25 lbs I packed on in my 9 1/2 weeks.



Tauni said...

"Touch My Bump" sounds like a Mariah Carey song that would make me want to puke...

Maccerz said...

Collar a slut. Deep Clavical. Biff It on my Bone 10. Darron does Mark.

ann marie said...

I just found out that one of my good friends was an extra in a movie name "Orgazmo". Jealous?