Thursday, March 05, 2009

Some Firsts In Awhiles

I have often been proud of my ability not to puke. Seriously. I just don't do it. Now, I don't mean when I have been drinking or have eaten peanuts...these are instances when I must throw up.

In fact, I think my HUGE allergy to peanuts has actually made my immune system stronger in a God closing a door and opening a window kind of thing....and you know how religious I am!

But my streak ended a few weeks ago. For the first time since I was a kid...I actually threw up when there was no alcohol and no peanuts involved. I actually had such TERRIBLE heartburn that stomach literally exploded. I had never felt such a burning sensation before, and hopefully never again...but the is over.


In an unrelated bit of illness, I called in sick to work today...and am actually sick. I believe this is only my second time calling in sick in all my years of teaching. I feel this tremendous guilt when not showing up to school...unlike when I worked in law firms where I used my sick days as extra vacation days. As I sulked around this morning, Tauni said: "If it makes you feel any better, I loved going to school and seeing the note on the door that my class was cancelled." I used to love that, too...but now I just figure my students' days are ruined when they don't get to see me. Ha.

The past few days I have gone to work and probably shouldn't have been there. It's hard teaching a class when you can't speak loudly...and any kind of laughter makes you go into a coughing fit. I have also enjoyed having my voice crack like I was going through puberty. Finally! I'm a man!


We are watching someone else's pet for the first time in awhile. This isn't a dog. It's a cat. And Maggie has been all over her...begging the cat to play.

Unfortunately, this cat HATES Maggie. The innocent little kitty has smacked Maggie in the face about 10 times the past hour...luckily she is declawed, or Maggie wouldn't have eyes anymore.

At least I have something to entertain me while I sit here and practice not talking.


seeryanrun said...

If you're puking anyway, just start drinking.

Manasse said...

You aren't the first person to suggest that...and you probably won't be the last!

Maccerz said...

If you're puking anyway, just start drinking.

ann marie said...

well at least we know you're not bulimic

prez said...

Sick, eh? I told you we shouldn't kiss! But you were so, sooooo persuasive...