Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Weight lost in the last four weeks: 21 lbs. Once again proving that I am good at two things in life -- both gaining and losing weight.

Rank on Google when searching for Mark Manasse: 3rd and 8th (but has been as high as number 1 -- take THAT Mark S. Manasse)

Time to finish Carlsbad Half Marathon: 2 hours and 11 Minutes. Not so bad for a fatty.

How many good episodes of The Office there have been this season: 0. That show fricken sucks now...and man does Pam look haggard.

Weeks Andrew Bynum is out: 8 to 12. Stupid MCL.

Minutes until class starts: 10. I gotta go!

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Maccerz said...

Oh, I dunno, there were two episodes so far this season that were good, IMO. Lost has been kinda good lately, so I guess that makes up for it. Heroes has sucked donkeyballs for a couple of seasons now.