Thursday, November 06, 2008

Whitney Houston Is an Idiot

Today was an in-class writing day. My students had two hours to respond to a prompt we had been working on for a few class sessions. Before we started, I thought it might be good idea to remind them about I wrote the following on the board:

Time Management -- You have two hours total

Pre-writing ______ minutes

Writing ______ minutes

Editing ______ minutes

Total 120 minutes.

I then asked them to take out a piece of paper, and create their own time management plan.

I then wait...figuring this may take a minute or two to think about and accomplish.

I wait.

I wait.

It appeared some of them were still not done for some reason. Wow...they are really putting a lot of thought into this, I think, proudly.

After about five minutes, one of my students raises his hand...and asks:

"Did you want us to fill out the chart, too?"


And I was reminded at that moment about patience and perspective. I didn't laugh. I didn't smile. I didn't give any inclination that I wanted to jump out of my skin.

I simply walked over to the chart I had written on the board...pointed to the blank spaces and said: "Yes. Yes. I think that would be an excellent idea."

Our future...


Tauni said...

Your patience still amazes me.

Maybe you should try negative reinforcement and throw things at their heads when they ask stupid questions. Start with nerf and slowley move to harder objects.

Anonymous said...

What a day for this student. You should do a follow up about his coming to office hours and asking if you had graded his writing in the thirty minutes since the class ended.

ann marie said...

you're well on your way to becoming mr. hand . . .

Manasse said...

Mr. Hand, tell the class about class about time management....scissor....scissor...scissor...

prez said...

Whitney Houston?

Tauni said...

I believe the children are our future.... ringing the Whitney bell now?