Thursday, July 24, 2008

ESPN The Magazine and Writing "Teachnique"

I posted this rant about ESPN the Magazine on my fantasy baseball message board. Most of those guys are too busy pretending not to be gay to even understand it.

So, I thought I would repost it here.

I hate this fucking magazine. For some reason, I let my subscription to SI run out...and now I am stuck with hip-hop nation, all happening to center around upcoming ESPN events. Weird.

Have any of you ever read an article by Stephen A Smith? God...and we wonder (or I wonder) why kids can't write correctly. His "inner city voice" is so "edgy." Fuck him.

And no more Dan Patrick...but now I get to read about golf stories from Rick Reilly. Fuck Rick Reilly. Go back to SI, you fuck. Maybe if I were 50, or retired, I would find him somewhat interesting. But I'm not. So, I don't. Has he ever written an article that wasn't about golf, his dad, or playing golf with his dad? Has he?

The only good thing about the magazine is Bill Simmons....and my complimentary " Insider Pass."

But, is it worth it? It is worth shitting on the toilet and reading about The X-Games every week just so later that day I can look at the "rumor" section on

I don't know...

It's funny because I look at the content, and since the audience I am writing for in my fantasy league is very "sports savvy," and "real-man (ha) laden" I know THEY know who the heck I am talking about.

Then, we have the people who read my blog...and I know who most of you are...and I know most of you won't have a damn clue who/what I am talking about...or why I am using the "f-word" so much.

On a purely "writing technique" level, this is an interesting investigation into "knowing your audience."

Would teaching this technique then become a "teachnique?"

Fuck if I know.


Tauni said...

Fuck Fuck fuck, it is kind of fun to write that

gunnbr said...

Uhhh.... what is the blog entry about? I don't get it.

Lali said...

I subscribe to both SI and ESPN the Magazine, but rarely take the time to read either one of them... :o (

prez said...

Was this you?

McNastabator said... That wasn't me. Next time.

BillS said...

ESPN writers just don't take their art seriously: