Monday, December 10, 2007

Yes, I am Doing That!

A few weeks ago, Tauni asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday...I don't particularly like the day I was birthed, and so I usually just let it go.

You see, I am one of those poor, poor souls with a birthday near Christmas, and usually celebrate it with a hooker at a local bar playing "dodge the cigarette butt" whilst gazing at yellow-stained teeth, if I'm lucky. Sometimes...they aint got no teeth...more room to put the cigarettes, I guess.

But, back to my birthday.

This year, I decided that I WOULD like to do something, and so I, of course, decided that I would like to take a limo ride to and from Sonic in El Centro. This will be about 200 miles round trip.

Why? Why am I doing that?

Well, I have been watching Sonic commercials for about a year now...and you know what, there are NO SONICS IN SAN DIEGO...and the closest one happens to be in the bustling metropolis of El Centro...think of Oakland with more dirt and less sophistication.

So, why not go there, but go there in style...dressed up, in a limo, with some friends that still happen to be in town...heck, I can still invite the toothless hookers...I'm sure they might like a burger, too. And they really have stuck by me all these years.

So this is how I will spend my 32nd birthday. I'll let you know how it goes...just a few weeks to go.


BillS said...

You are just to young to remember when San Diego did have a Sonic - well maybe not San Diego, but Oceanside about 10 years ago. Just West of the 5 off Mission. Across the street from Oceanside HS - about as classy an area as El Centro - but without the "3 hour tour" to get there. (note I live in O'side I'm allowed - required actually - to make fun of it.)

My first Sonic visit to Sonic was while in Texas and apparently they are much more popular there. They have/had great malts/slushes/milkshakes (whichever word is appropriate)as I recall.

BillS said...

I hate not rereading my comments and even worse not being able to edit them after I read them...

"My first Sonic visit --- was ..."
"My first ---- visit to Sonic was..."

either one works but combined - just wrong.

Tauni said...

Not just any old limo, a limo bus with a plasma TV and a "dancers pole"

Tauni said...
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Chris said...

There used to be one in San Marcos too... off the 78 and Rancho Santa Fe. Of course, there's also one in Buena Park, which is considerably closer. But I told you that already... doing so again would just be rubbing it in your face.

Buena Park