Saturday, December 15, 2007

Triathlon Blog #1: We've Got Spirit?

So far, so good with the triathlon training. I have stayed pretty consistent with training with two runs, two bike rides, and two swims per week, if not more.

As an added bonus, I now also have a mysterious rash in the following places:

My upper thighs,
Inside my belly button,
Between my ring and middle fingers on both my left AND right hands,
My upper right hip,
Behind my ears, and
On my neck.

This rash is also in one other place...but I'll just let you guess where that is. Fun, indeed.

Maybe this is a sign that a RASH of donations will be coming in...HA! Errr...


I also received the much coveted "Spirit Award" this week. I didn't receive it for a good reason, though. Basically, I got it because I suck at swimming. That was a great feeling, let me tell you.

And this week's Spirit Award goes to the one guy who simply looks like he is one second away from drowning in three-feet deep water....Mark Manasse

Thank you. Thank you. I don't know what to say about receiving such a prestigious award. I guess I should thank all the people that made this possible: my mom and dad for never getting me real swimming lessons; Islands Restaurant managers everywhere for making ridiculously delicious onion rings that are most likely responsible for about 50 of my excess pounds; and of course I can't forget about all my fellow teammates who somehow know what they are doing in the water while I "flail" (somebody actually said this to me) around in the water.

Yeah. It went something like that.

So now, I get this straw hat for a week that I need to add some sort of decoration to. Nothing quite like having to do crafts as a reward for something.


I'm pretty sure as long as I make it out of the water, I'll be fine. I am one of the faster runners and bikers in the group...and I have done a smaller triathlon a few years ago...but I also thought I was going to drown during that race. Hmmm...

I wonder what I win if I do drown...


Chris said...

You could be fine if only you would harness the large amount of gas in your body into some sort of propulsion, instead of its usual purpose of repulsion.

prez said...

Pam's first comment after I read to her about your rashes: Does he have syphilis?

And I agree with Chris - that would be brilliant and economical.