Monday, November 12, 2007

Things I Don't Understand

How Bombay Furniture simultaneously has a going out of business sale while posting a "help wanted" sign on the door.

Eva Longoria has not had the shit kicked out of her by Rosie O'Donnell in the event I would call "The Good, The Bad, and The Please Break Her Face Open"

When I accidentally opened the door on a woman in a uni-sex bathroom, she proceeded to test the door lock for two minutes AFTER she was done using the bathroom. I guess they are right: "(be)Hind" sight is 20-20.

When I go to Starbucks and I ask for a "medium" drink, they pretend like they have never heard such a word before and question, "Did you mean 'Grande'?" No. I didn't mean 'grande.' I am not learning a new set of words for you.

Why people will spend thousands of man hours self-pollinating trees in China because we have managed to kill millions of bees, but I can't bring myself to clean my kitchen.

How Veteran's Day isn't a bigger national holiday during a time when we are at war with another country/religion/oil-havin' place.

What is traffic and why do we have it. We can figure out the contents of solar systems light years away...but I can't get from San Diego to LA under 2 hours on a Saturday at 2 PM?


Tauni said...

Maybe you don't clean the kitchen because secretly you think it is a woman's job :)

McNastabator said...


Tauni said...

Well played sir, well played.

Anonymous said...

What, Darron stops Blogging so it's OK for you too?