Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Our Obviously Stupid Neighbors to the North

The following is an unedited transcript over heard among three six-year-old boys in a dinosaur bone escavating sand box at Legoland, CA on Sunday, September 30th.

My nephew, while digging: Wow, check out this triceratops! This is coooooool.

Annoying Boy #1: It's not a triceratops. It's a raptor.

Annoying Boy #2: Yeah!

My Nephew: No it isn't, you big weird-o. Look at the horns. It's a triceratops.

Annoying Boy #1: No. It's a raptor. Duh!

Annoying Boy #2: Yeah!

My Nephew: Look at the horns, weird-o. It's a triceratops. GOSH!

Annoying Boy #1: I don't know the difference between a triceratops and raptor anyway.

Annoying Boy #2: Yeah! He's from Canada. He doesn't know the difference.

Stupid Canadians.


Tauni said...

The wisdom of six year olds never ceases to amaze

Anonymous said...

I have horns now and then, whats that make me?

McNastabator said...

One letter away from dangerous?