Thursday, October 25, 2007

Smoke-Filled San Diego Sunrise: Wednesday, October 23, 2007

The following are pics from my balcony yesterday morning, about 7:00 AM.

The fires about 20 miles east of my house.

Ash that collected over night.

The sun peaks through.

Another hazy day begins.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego Fire

Absolutely crazy down here. All the schools are closed, and the sky ranges from light to dark gray. If you walk outside for a few minutes, your lungs will burn and your sinuses ache.

I watched a powerline? satellite dish? explode off in the distance last night, shooting green fireworks into the air. The flames seemed very close, but thankfully, they were many miles away.

We are surrounded to the northeast and southeast by fire. About 20 miles or so.

We are waiting for the temperatures to drop and winds to change.

Until then, another sleepless night awaits.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm missing something here...

While in class the other night, one of my students, we'll call him Bob, was giving a speech. He was presenting material he found out about a fellow classmate. We'll call this classmate John.

So Bob says, during his speech:

John really misses his culture.

The problem is Bob didn't successfully say culture. His said something that sounds somewhat close to culture, but not quite close enough. He moved on. He didn't realize what he said. The good thing for Bob...and I guess there was only one person in the class that DID understand what was said. That person was, thankfully, me.

So, in case you were wondering, I didn't laugh. I didn't even crack a smile. I did note down a little interesting factoid about John, though.

You appears John really misses his cooter.

Don't we all, John. Don't we all!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Do Students Read My Blog?

I know some of you do.

I just spent a majority of my Saturday reading your work, and guess what I get to do tomorrow? Much of the same.

So if you ARE a student of mine and you DO read my me a favor. Think back about ten years from now and realize what a living Hell you made my weekends, but how you also brought joy to my life as well. It's so cool watching writing improve.

Overall though, more Hell than joy. Don't forget that.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Our Obviously Stupid Neighbors to the North

The following is an unedited transcript over heard among three six-year-old boys in a dinosaur bone escavating sand box at Legoland, CA on Sunday, September 30th.

My nephew, while digging: Wow, check out this triceratops! This is coooooool.

Annoying Boy #1: It's not a triceratops. It's a raptor.

Annoying Boy #2: Yeah!

My Nephew: No it isn't, you big weird-o. Look at the horns. It's a triceratops.

Annoying Boy #1: No. It's a raptor. Duh!

Annoying Boy #2: Yeah!

My Nephew: Look at the horns, weird-o. It's a triceratops. GOSH!

Annoying Boy #1: I don't know the difference between a triceratops and raptor anyway.

Annoying Boy #2: Yeah! He's from Canada. He doesn't know the difference.

Stupid Canadians.