Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ask a stupid question...

I, like you, own a cellphone. I have actually enjoyed my service and coverage with Sprint the past few years, so I decided to sign another contract. They threw in some deals for me to do so, and BAM: I was faithfully with Sprint once again.

Unfortunately, Sprint must not have a lot of people resign because as soon as I did, problems, problems, problems.

Starting about six months ago, every few months, I started receiving texts from Sprint that my phone service would be shut off if I didn't make my payment within 48 hours. I would call, send them money over the phone, unsure why they hadnt received my payments, and carry on with my day. Within a few days from my phone payment, I would receive a check from Sprint for the very amount I paid over the phone. WEIRD.

After this happened two times, I called in and asked the obvious question: Why are you not receiving my payments, then asking me for a huge payment over the phone, then sending me back the payment within a few days?

After an hour on the phone, they finally figured out that my previous account and current account got mixed up...and I was being doubled billed. Problem solved.

Not so fast.

An over payment stayed on my older account for four months, and they never sent me a check reimbursing me. I decided to call this week to get the check refunded. I figured this would take five minutes.

This took, literally, over FIVE HOURS.

In route to me obtaining this refund, worth a whopping $61.73, I was put on hold three times and transferred incorrectly five times. I spoke with billing, collections, customer service, cancellations, and Stephen Hawking.

The best part of this entire process was this following conversation, and the reason I am even writing this blog:

Me: I'm calling to be reimbursed for about a $60 over charge on my previous account. Can you cut me a check and send that to me?

Customer Service: Hold on and let me check your records.

Me: OK

Customer Service: OK...I see a note here on your account...

Me: OK

CS: It says that we can't refund your over payment until you send us proof of payment.

Me: I'm sorry?

CS: You need to send us proof of payment that you sent us this over payment, before we can refund you.

Me: You see the $61.73 sitting in my old account, right?

CS: Yes.

Me: You understand that the $61.73 is only in that account because it came from me to Sprint, and that is the only reason I am calling.

CS: Yes.

Me: The fact that there is $61.73 in my old account proves that I made an over payment.

CS: Yes.

Me: But you want proof that I sent you the $61.73 that you can clearly see in my account. That money wouldnt be there unless I sent it to you...thus proving that I paid it.

CS: Yes, sir.

Me: Does this make sense to you?

CS: Silence

Me: I asked, does this make sense to you?

CS: Sir, all I can do is read the notes on your account. I can transfer you...

Me: I have already been transferred a few times...

CS: Hold please.

Five minutes later

CS: So...if you could send in a proof of payment...

Me: The proof is there. You can see this money. That is the proof. The money is there.

This kept going for awhile. She finally just transferred me because she was only capable of reading notes and not actually thinking for herself. I wish I could hack the system and leave a note for her to read that said "Punch yourself in the face." If she refused...I would remind her that she must do exactly as the notes say.

When she stopped bleeding, maybe she would be a little more sympathetic to my plight....but I would obviously want proof that she had done it....otherwise, how would I truly know.


Tauni said...

Sadly, she was the top graduate from the Sprint customer service training academy.

prez said...

This sounds like the work of Vincent Mottola. He's moved on from me and is now attacking my friends. Damn you Vincent Mottola!!! Damn youuuuuuuu!!!

Tauni said...

You better be careful, sprint fired 1,000 customers for excessive complaining yesterday.,2933,288635,00.html

McNastabator said...

Hope they don't read this, then: