Thursday, May 31, 2007

Century Ride Update #8: I Just Need to Pack

So after months of laborious training and finger numbing, I am just a few days away from my first century ride. I have forbidden any Powerbars from entering my sight for the next three to four days.


I had a few potluck lunches at school this week, and made it very clear that I am allergic to nuts. My students, without fail, tell me they understand. I was offered two dishes with nuts this morning. I feel some "F's" coming on.


I had a dream last night that my girlfriend lost my bike on the way to the century ride, and then we got on a bus that almost killed me a number of times. When we finally got to the race, some red, white, and blue pills she had given me for lunch were being projectile vomited out of my mouth onto the ground. I heaved, and I heaved, and I heaved, but I just couldn't stop puking this red, white, and blue mass out of my mouth. Any ideas on what this means ( doesn't mean I'm gay....stop suggesting that every time I ask for a dream interpretation)?


One of my favorite questions the past four months has been "How long is a century ride?" I think I have been asked it a century times.


I still have two people (Tauni and Leddy) tied for the lead for the "Whoever-Donates-The-Most-Gets-To-Challenge-Me-To-Do-Something-Crazy-in-Tahoe" Contest. If either person donates one more penny, he/she will be the winner of this prestigious contest. I thought there was going to be a dark horse third person (Trish) who would win, but I guess she decided not to donate. I'm pissed. Not because of the money, but because she is insane...and I was actually intrigued by what she was going to challenge me to do. At this point, I'm challenging myself to not fall off the mountain.


I don't know if this happens to other bike riders, but if there is glass or some other object on the ground in front of me...I find myself magnetically drawn to riding over matter how hard I try to steer away.


The next time I blog, I will have a marathon, a triathlon (sprint), and a century ride under my belt. Ironman anyone?


prez said...

1. How much did they donate?

2. Can you also offer a "Whoever-Donates-the-Greatest-Percentage-of-Their-Income" award?

3. I am also drawn to riding over sharp objects and/or living things.

BillS said...

Good luck on the ride - sounds like you are pretty well prepared so have fun.

Your girlfriend is going to attach her bike's old water bottle cages to your bike and the day-glo pink will cause the vomiting... The red, white and blue is just you trying cover the day-glo pink.

A century ride is one they've held for the past hundred years, right? or was it the number of riders... I forget, but what's length got to do with it...
Just kidding everyone knows a century ride is 62.5Miles.

WRT to hitting what you are looking at - if you stop staring at the shiney, pretty object on the ground you will have better odds of missing it.

prez said...

I will crush you.

Tauni said...

Well - I win (i hope), I made an additional donation and I am going to come up with a great thing for you to do. It may take me a while to think of something so I am hoping that this prize doesn't expire.

And, I didn't lose your bike or force feed you any patriotic pills :)