Sunday, May 06, 2007

Century Ride Update #6: Back on Track

So yesterday, after much calorie intake, I was able to ride 78 miles and climb over 4400 feet. This took about six hours of riding time.

More importantly, I made some stunning (yes, stunning) observations:

(1) When a street is labeled "Mountain" or "Pass," like Black Mountain Road, for example, you stay on the shit long enough, you'll find out why. Jeeeeeeez, we did some climbing yesterday.

(2) One of my coaches told me while going up a very large hill, "Mark, drop your bike down into a lower gear, and just sit and spin." I had no idea that I should have been sitting on my middle finger this entire time to make myself a better biker. I'm assuming that my friend Darron is a fantastic and natural bike rider since he enjoys that kind of thing in his daily life.

(3) I mentioned in a previous blog that one of my "teammates" is kind of a bitch. Well, she made the mistake of pissing off another bitch yesterday. Bitch #2 ended up telling about 20 other women that bitch #1 is a bitch. Now, bitch #1 has no friends and was trying to use me as a shoulder to cry on. Karma IS a bitch, as it were.

(4) The highlight of my ride yesterday was that during one of our bathroom breaks, I created a perfect poo. "What's that," you ask? A "perfect poo" is when you go to the bathroom, wipe, and there was no need to wipe. Perfection! That happened on about the 65th mile or so...and really motivated me to finish.

Just a few weeks to go. I can't wait to feel my fingers again!!!!!


Lali - too lazy to sign in said...

I'm sure "perfect" is relative to the poo'er.

Throbsicle said...

i'm sure your mum would be proud of your production.

hey, are you training for the Encinitas Century Ride? "purple course" named for the color of your arse after six hours on a bike. sounds like fun!

BillS said...

I'm not sure it's a complement, but I read this and for some reason your blog came to mind...
"Hammer's guide to bathroom ettiquete" - it doesn't mention the 'perfect poo'...