Friday, May 04, 2007

Century Ride Update #5: This isn't "Fun" Anymore

I played basketball and soccer for many years...and in all that time, there was only one instance where my coaches pushed me to the point of vomiting.

A few years ago, I did a triathlon (swim, then bike, then run). During the bike ride, I was dry heaving over my handle bars for about fifteen minutes.

Last year, I did a marathon, and I was so tired, and so dehydrated, I felt like my kidneys were wilting into kidney beans.

Child's play.

Last week, riding up hill after hill after hill in over 100 degree weather, I finally thought to myself:

"Self, this is fucking nuts. If you don't stop pedaling...and are going to die." And that was a weird thought to have, mind you, because I usually think things like "Self, don't fart in public no matter how funny it would be" or "Self, don't eat the entire bag of soft batch (and nut free) chocolate chip need to save room for dessert."

So yeah....feeling my body temperature race from hot to freezing cold to hot to freezing cold, while simultaneously having the biggest headache I have ever had in my life while feeling like I was going to puke while feeling like I couldn't feel my legs while feeling like my lungs were incinerated while feeling like the sun was laying an egg on my head...made me think that I was going to die.

And hand still isn't working (stupid cycler's palsy).

Point being, I found it. I found a spot where I mentally and physically could just not take anymore....and you know why? Because I DIDN'T FUCKING EAT AND DRINK ENOUGH...and 100 degree weather and fifty miles of hills smacked me on the back with a welcoming smile "Remember us...we have been sizzling your flesh off for the past four hours...and try as you might to ignore us...HERE WE ARE!!!!"

So my plan this week is to eat like a big, fat, hungry, just awakened from three-months of hibernation bear...and get as many calories and fluids in me tonight and tomorrow morning as humanly possible because I never, ever, never, ever, never, ever, never, ever want to feel how I did last Saturday ever again.

We'll see how it goes...all scheduled 80 miles of it.


prez said...

"So my plan this week is to eat like a big, fat, hungry, just awakened from three-months of hibernation bear..."

Wait - I thought the point was that you were going to do something different.

McNastabator said...

How's the training going, Darron?

prez said...

90 miles a week - 3 x 30. Two hours each ride.

Yes, yes... I know...

McNastabator said...

Are you at least doing hills?

prez said...

Yes - there's a few good ones in there. I'm going for 60 this Saturday...