Friday, April 20, 2007

Yes, I am a better person than YOU

English is an interesting language. For example, the way we use "you" is fascinating.

We don't have a plural you like most other languages...hence why some people say "y'all" to signify a difference between second person singular and second person plural. I love the word "y'all."

Some people sometimes also use the word you as an indefinite pronoun. Some for generality. So some use you instead of one or people or someone or anyone.

Those people would have written the previous paragraph thusly:

You sometimes also use the word you...So you use you instead of....

I'm not sure if I like that.


The reason I even mention this is because I want to add some ambiguity to this blog. Because you, and you know who you are, I wanted to tell you that I am better than you. Yes, YOU!

Last weekend, I had to deal with a lot of you, and needless to say, you weren't nice to me, were you, you?

Even when I did my best to be there for you, you were quite unprofessional, and you were rude. You know how you are, don't you?

At times, you told me I was other times, you scoffed at my suggestions. You asked me needless, senseless questions...and you made me feel like you thought you were better than me.

Yeah. Fuck you, you.

But what I have noticed about me, after all you did, that you made me more aware, you made me more patient, and you even made me smarter. Somehow, someway, tangled up inside all of you, was a notion and a piece of knowledge that I needed from you.

And for that, thank you, you.

You made me a better and people like you.

So, until we meet again...I'll remember you. And what you did.

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prez said...

You're welcome.