Sunday, April 08, 2007

Century Ride Update #4: A Progression and a Regression

I rode 68 miles yesterday...and it felt pretty good. When I first started training, I was one of the last people up the hill. About a month in...I was in the middle of the pack. And yesterday, I was first. It was awesome...I felt like I was racing for a gold medal as I pumped (he he) my way up this gigantic incline, lungs burning, sweat pouring into my bike rhythmically swaying left, right, left, right as I powered my way through.

I started feeling competitive about biking for the first time. I wasn't just riding to ride. I was riding and now I had to win. I had to be the first one to the top.


After a particularly long incline...we rested at the top of one hill. L was the last one up. Again.

This is not a big deal as we go at our own pace up and down hills. We regroup, turn the corner to keep riding, and wouldn't you know it?!?!?! More hills.

So, as we go up this second set of incline, a few of us break away...and we near the top, which is preceded by a long downhill.

L comes racing past us on the downhill, rudely pushes her way into between the group of us while we are riding, and then again fades as we make our last ascent.

A brief background on L before I get to the end of this story.


The first thing you need to know about L...she's a gigantic bitch. Although we are out riding long hours with each other every Saturday trying to raise money for cancer research...she finds a way to make everything about her, her life, her job, her complaints, her weight, her kids, her inability to ride, her, her, her, a thousand times her. Needless to say, I am a little tired of L.

And to top this wonderful world of personality off...she is not just a bitch. She is the mother load of all bitches. She is spiteful. And in my brief life, I cannot stress enough (and I know many of you are with me on this one) that there is nothing worse in the world than having to spend many hours with a spiteful bitch who is not your friend.

Case in point, last week, she definitely had something up her ass for all six hours that we rode. She was literally snapping at everyone the entire day to ride faster and not wait for people who had flats or mechanical problems. Such a beautiful person.

Anyway, while we were in our pace line last week on a flat IN TRAFFIC...(and you never, ever, ever pass someone in your own pace line, especially in traffic) she decided to pass me for some reason..and because I didn't want to hit her as we are sandwiched between moving cars on the left and a parked cars on the right, I lean to the right and fall over INTO A PARKED CAR.



So back to yesterday.

We get to the top of the last hill, and the rest of us are feeling tired, but good. We had a real sense of camaraderie going...and we knew we only had about ten miles to go. We just had to wait for a few more people to make it up the hill, and we were almost done for the day.

L was with the last group. And when she reaches us, Debbie Downer says:

"I guess you guys are never going to wait for me. I told you to wait up...but you didn't. I guess it's every man for himself out here."

There is an odd quiet...and we all, even the coaches look at each other with shock...and almost in unison we say "What?" because we honestly have no idea where this is coming from.

"I don't know if it's because I'm heavier..." Her she goes again... "...but I can't keep up with you guys. And none of you waited for me back there."

Now in my life...this is usually where I keep quiet. To me, it's not worth getting into it with an obvious stupid person. But the combination of being tired, having a group high ruined, and realizing that NO ONE CARES if she is last or first up really got to me. Seriously, no one cares.

So I politely say "You realize that was all uphill, right?"

"Not at the start."

"So you do realize that it was uphill. That's what you're saying."

"Well, guys..."

"We are supposed to go at our own pace on the uphill, right?"

"I guess it's every man for himself."

Dude, you cannot argue with a crazy person. The worst is when you are dating a crazy person. Try arguing with that shit for a year. I thought crazy had a name, and it started with a C. friends...crazy got a new name yesterday...and it starts with an L. But I digress.

Point felt good to speak my mind and shut up a whiney-ass biotch...if even for only a second.

But because of her complaints, we had to all stay together, even on hills, the last ten miles. And I was behind her...and her overly-filled biker shorts...slowly grinding up hill after hill, feeling my legs burning through my shorts, deep into the muscle. She kept motioning me to pass her because she knew she was going so slowly. But I didn't. I stayed behind her and watched her get her wish. We all got to go up the hill at her pace and witness her struggle.

It might have been the highlight of my day.


A progression and a regression.


Bill said...

Not sure about your groups training setup... makes me feel better about training by myself and riding with others for enjoyment.

Note a strong cyclist will seek to do a century ride in 5 hours (yes an average speed of 20 mph). A typical weekend warrior cyclist similar to myself will shoot for 14-15 mph over the course which is about 7 hours... you describe 6+ hour training rides? You must be going painfully slow (66 miles/6hours = 11mph... + 2 miles.) Course it depends where you are riding in terms of climbs... if you are climbing Mt. Palomar then it's not bad.

Lali said...

She should have flipped you off - sans thumb.

Throbsicle said...

Dewd! Loving your blog!

Glad to know I'm not the only one obsessing about cycling on blogger...

Since discovering this sport, I've morphed my once-fun site into some sort of cat-blog variant for athletes. But, can ya blame me?

McNastabator said...


We make a couple of stops every week that slow us down. We are going about 14/15 mph...I "could" go faster...but why??? My hand is about to fall off as it is.

McNastabator said...

Hands down..."throbsicle" is in my top ten favorite names of all time.

It is still behind names such as:

Nook and

Throbsicle said...

does it tickle you more to know that throbsicle is Paula Peterman's niece? :D cheers!

McNastabator said...

I assume "throbsicle" was Paula's maiden name.

Throbsicle said...

Our kin created quite a stir at that ancient naming ritual.

Bill said...

Wasn't trying to be critical, just figured I'd mention that if you went faster you'd spend less time on the bike and thus less time leaning on your hand...

I'm still working my way back into shape - heading out for a major climb tommorrow - Sleeping Indian(presuming I get permission from the Warden).

Let me know if you want to go for an alternate (non-TeamInTraining)ride one weekend - either on a route I come up with or one with NCCC, or just one of the NCCC routes either starting at OCRR or somewhere else and adapting the route. I can send the elevation profile so we don't overdo the climbs - Tahoe has like 8K with 2 major climbs as I recall... but I know TIT (guess that's why it doesn't get put in the form of a acronym) adds another leg to bring the ride up from 72 to 100 miles and I think it puts another climb in for you.