Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Interesting ESL Moments The Past Few Weeks

From time-to-time, even after listening to ESL speak for a number of years, things happen that make me pause and bite my tongue...

On a end-of-the-semester class evaluation, in response to the question: Review (your initial answer to) what you thought you would dread most about this class and what you were most looking forward to. Did your thoughts or feelings change?

My student wrote: I look forward to understand and explain grammar. I think I'm full of it now.

But, that isn't as good as the following.

After Z- was done interviewing S-, the following conversation happened:

Me: What did you learn about S
Z: S is an excellent fuck dancer.
Me: WHAT?!?!?!?!
Z: Yeah...she likes to fuck dance.
Me: Um...can you spell that for me? *I turn to the board to write down what she spells*
Z: Yeah. Fuck is F-O-L-K
Me: *I quadruple underline the 'L'* You REALLY need to pronounce that 'L'


prez said...

Is his favorite president James Puck?

Tauni said...

Fuck dancing is an Olympic event. It is like soccer, much more popular abroad….