Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Need Help (advice, not mentally)

When talking to a person with a lazy eye, what is the correct etiquette on where to look?

(1) The good eye?
(2) Both eyes?
(3) The ground?
(4) Her boobs?/His crotch?

When someone you know is acting completely insane, do you

(1) Ignore it?
(2) Tell him/her?
(3) Mimic her/him?
(4) Touch her boobs/his crotch?

If you have a student trying to make inappropriate vacation plans with you, should you

(1) Stop talking to her
(2) Tell him you aren't gay
(3) Tell her you ARE gay
(4) Touch her boobs/his crotch on the way to the airport?


tinou said...

when in doubt, always go with the boobs/crotch choice.

prez said...

I was going to go with the "tell them you're gay" option, since I believe that you should really just be honest with them, and hey, we all know you've got to come out of the closet some time.

But since Tinou thinks you should grab their boobs or crotch, I'll go with that instead.

Tauni said...

I am surpised there were other options listed for question 1, as I thought men always stared at boobs.

Always mimic the crazy.

Do the students inappropriate vacation plans involve them paying for your trip?

McNastabator said...

Some men stare at boobs. Others: a boob. I like to stare at the left boob. Just kind of how I am.

Kristen said...

Touching someones boobs/crotch always breaks the ice. I do it all the time. Totally normal.

Middento said...

Hmm. For variety's sake, you should really check out the right crotch over the left boob. I'm just saying.