Thursday, September 07, 2006

Norton Antivirus Sucks My Wiener

OK, that's a little graphic, but if ever a time were born to use such a vulgarity, that time is now.

For months, I have been having terrible problems with my computer when trying to use certain functions. I came to realize that most of my problems centered around Norton Antivirus.

I can't listen to songs on Napster? Who cares!

I can't shut down my computer in under five minutes? That's cool.

My arm randomly convulses and hits people in the mouth? NORTON!!!!, after about (gulp) six months of ignoring: I decided to take action. I uninstalled Norton and my computer is running like Darron from commitment: fast and furiously.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Life is great when a problem once ignored for half a year has been solved.

Here's to procrastination!

Now, about my 2004 taxes.........


Sick of Norten's too! said...

Norten's and McAffee are both cpu hogs. I read an article that rated all anti-viruses LOL Norten's is #22 on the list. They said that when testing it, it missed quite a few viruses. They spoke highly about a freeware anti-virus called avast. I'm about to remove Norten's on my puter and try avast. They said avast uses low cpu and doesn't cause your puter to slow down or crash. And yes they have both paid and the free version.

McNastabator said...

Thanks, secret person (we will call you Ash, just for shits and giggles.)

Downloaded avast yesterday...thanks for NOTHING.


Secret person says "Your welcome!" said...

Also I found a good free firewall. If you want the name of it say so.



McNastabator said...


I love you. Are you single?


Single, but...... said...

Now if I were only 20 yrs. younger LOL

Here is the link for the free kick-butt firewall.

LOL Get your taxes done, I hear that the I.R.S. has now taken to sending big hairy men out to collect their payments.....I saw one of these men at my former neighbor's house. "He was not a pretty sight..."


prez said...

Big hairy men are sexy.