Friday, September 08, 2006

Free Time: Reflections Therein

I did a lot with the past two maybe three hours of my life. While most of the world was working, watching, waiting, wanting five o'clock...I was sitting around. But was I doing nothing?

My current life schedule makes Friday afternoon the start of a long weekend for me. I only work until 12:15...and as I was driving home today, I started wondering about what I could do with my afternoon.

Well, I got some lunch and turned on ESPN. Not a bad gig. A little relaxation before I got down to the nitty gritty of my new found free time. Who knew what the afternoon would hold.

Lucky me. Since I work Tuesday nights, and have to miss Tuesday night poker on ESPN...I got to watch the repeat. There went an hour.

OK...2 PM. Not too late. Still plenty of time to do something meaningful. From what I understand, there really isnt a cure for cancer yet. Maybe I could do something about that.

Well, I hadn't checked my email since the morning, so I HAD TO do that before I did anything else...and that wasn't a good idea. That got me sucked in to going on myspace...and my mission for the afternoon: finding people I used to know, and seeing if they had a myspace account.

Searching, searching, and searching some more, I found a few people...and became so obsessed that I pulled out my senior yearbook to find people from it to see if they too were on myspace. I hadn't looked at my yearbook in probably 8 years or so.

And you know what I learned? You know why I am posting this message? I miss signing yearbooks. For twelve school years of my life, I got to sign and read yearbooks every June...and I haven't gotten to do that in ten years now. I miss that. What don't we have yearbook signings in the adult world? Do we no longer like marking the passing of another year? Another ten pounds?

I say we start an adult yearbook club. Since working in an office is like going to high school anyway, why not throw in the final piece and have a yearly tribute and sign funny little quips in each others' yearlies:

C U next s......exual harassment meeting

KIT, but not too close, or I will have to sue you


Friends 4 Ever (until you pass me up for a promotion)

Since I still work at a school, it wouldn't be all that hard for me to do this. But that would take effort, and it is hard to spend my free time doing anything meaningful these days.

Until next we meet.....


prez said...

In your yearbook, I would commandeer a blank page and write "Reserved for Darron Evans" and then not actually write anything else in it for several years.

McNastabator said...

You were just looking for an excuse to use "commandeer"...weren't you?