Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Darron's A Little Fruity

Since I realize all my faithful blog readers don't always check out "my partner's" blog, I need to catch you up on something. Darron recently came into some money, or rather, got back some of his money he should have never lost. About 6K.

What does one do with an extra $6,000...well, Darron bought a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer...and for days and days (ok...two days) he ranted and raved about how great this juicer was.

Of course...this got me thinking.

Last year, as I'm sure you all remember, Darron and I did a three-day water fast. Of course, that was then followed by Just Veggie January (where we became vegetarians), Fish February (Where we added seafood into the mix), and the ever-so-popular Most-Meats-March (where we could eat anything but red meat).

We have also done things like not masturbated for a month, but you all can't see THAT blog. But I am obviously digressing.

A Juicer, ehhhhhhh.

SO after listening to Darron literally just go on and on about this juicer...I challenged him to a three-day juice fast. He begrudgingly agreed...with such feeble protests as:

"I have school on Thursday. Am I supposed to bring juice with me to school?"


"I'm a wee girl."

Darron and I by Friday

In the end, he agreed; I bought a juicer, and now we are in day two of the three-day juice fast...and this is VERY different than the water fast. Basically, I feel like I can still function right now while during the water fast, I felt like 80-year-old boobs: saggy and droopy. ZING

Thus far, I have made such wonderful concoctions as:

1. Tomato, garlic, ginger, carrot, and celery. I call it The Bloody Darron.


2. Apple, pluot, carrot, and blueberry. AKA The Fruitcake AKA The Darron on Sunday.


3. Cucumber. The Bizarro Darron (think about it.)

Anyway, there is only one more day left to the fruit fast, and this is fairly easy. I am craving rice/bread/AND pasta...but I'll survive.


Anonymous said...

I get info,

prez said...

Ummm... sorry mom.

prez said...

I'm the banana, btw.

McNastabator said...

Yeah you are!

*Wink* *Wink*

Lali said...

Could this finally be the start to your 31x31?

McNastabator said...


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah!!

Whitney said...

I've done fruit fasts in the past...good stuff!

I'm doing a partial fast now. Come read about it!