Sunday, July 16, 2006

Top Ten List Returns!

Top Ten Ways I Know I Am Too Busy:

10. My blood type has changed from O+ to caffeinated.

9. Multitasking duties include brushing teeth while taking a dump and ironing. Who am I kidding...I don't have time to brush my teeth or iron.

8. Find speed limits to be suggestions rather than law

7. Consider ten minute breaks between classes as extended vacations.

6. Only have time to check fantasy baseball team 100 times/day instead of 101 times.

5. Look at dating in terms of something that could happen by 2010.

4. Consider certain car radio DJs to be close, personal friends of mine.

3. Have not been drunk in the past 24 hours. (OK...12 hours....but they have been a LONG 12 hours)

2. Credit card companies have been calling wondering why I haven't bought any "lock company" subscriptions recently (only a select few of you will get that)

And the number one way that I know I am too busy.........

1. I dream about sleeping.

1 comment:

Lali said...

As if you brush your teeth or iron when you actually have the time, Stinky McGee.