Friday, July 28, 2006

Is this the Heming-way?

That's somewhat clever. Somewhat.

So I am trying to spearhead (yes, spearhead) a creative writing I got this list of people together, and we agreed to meet a predetermined time at a predetermined place.

I got there dutifully on time, as is my nature. And I waited. And waited. And waited for other people to show up....because I was super early. I hate being so early to everything, but I can't help it. If I get to an appointment 10 minutes early, I feel five minutes late. What the fuck?

Anyway, at 6:00 O' other person showed up. Unfortunately, she is the only other person who came. And, wouldn't you know it....she didn't bring any writing to share. So, this two-hour writing club meeting turned into a one-hour shoot the shit session where she read my story and we kind of talked about what I wrote...and kind of didn't.

So...for the next meeting, I have decided to be more pesky (read: more of an asshole), and harp on people to actually show up when they agree to do so.

If and when Darron moves to San Diego...we are going to take the creative world by storm...or maybe just beat every known Playstation game. Either way, I won't need no stinking writing group.

2007 will be the year of creativity. It has been decided.

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prez said...

"The Suffering: Ties that Bind" is shivering with anticipation.