Saturday, July 22, 2006

I didn't even knowS it

Dude...I just had my one-year anniversary for blogging. No whistles...the year just came and went.

When I look back upon the last year (thanks to my blog) I realize I have done a lot of shit...AND wrote about it.

I set out in 2005 to change my life, and I believe I did. I changed cities, had a serious relationship come and go, switched careers, bought a second home, gained and lost 20 lbs about 15 thousand times (please see upcoming blog about this topic), and most importantly, I think (again...THINK) I mellowed out and have a better perspective on life.

2006 has also been interesting with working more than I have ever worked before, running a marathon, trying to sell my first home, gaining and losing 20 lbs 15 thousand times, and becoming a monk...

I must say that after a year...I am glad I created this Blog because it has helped me remember much more of my life than I would have otherwise killed with beer.

Here is to year number 2!

PS I still find it humorous that The Blogger spell check doesnt recognize the words
"blog" or "blogging"


Anonymous said...

Oh, I knewS it!

Lali said...

Maybe you can write about something interesting in the upcoming year and I'll read your blog more... :o)

Which reminds me - any further developments re the blog off?