Friday, July 28, 2006

31 x 31

So, my friends, the time has come to once again realize that when I don't exercise, and I eat like shit...that something odd happens to my body. Yes...I gain weight like a mother fucker.

Since it has always been easy for me to lose weight...and easier to gain it...I have a new course of action to keep me occupied for the rest of the year.


It is time for 31 x 31 where I solemnly swear not to only lose 31 lbs by my birthday (12/23)...but also keep it off until then. The actual losing of the weight will be fairly simple...but I am challenging myself to keep it off until then.

So...starting August 1, I will be blogging from time to time on my accomplishments (and hopefully no set backs) on my course to sexiness. Then...when New Years comes...I am going to hook up with some amazingly hot chick at midnight as a crowning achievement to my weight loss prowess.

31 x 31...HERE I COME.........


prez said...

Does Clemens count as an "amazingly hot chick"? Cuz I don't think he should.

prez said...

On 12/24, go to In-n-Out and order a 31 x 31.

Lali said...

Oh how time flies when you pass 30... L'il Maki is going to be 31 in just a few short months. Muhaha