Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Welcome to my 60th post

Did you know that was the diamond anniversary? I didn't.

So this past weekend, I was naughty. I was. I did something dirty that I need to tell y'all about.

I stripped my deck. I did. I stripped it until it was naked. I then conditioned my deck, opening it up so that it would be ready for me to penetrate it with some stain.

This wasn't as easy as you might expect. Some portions of the deck were more stubborn than others. These portions were not conditioned well, so I needed to get down on my hands and knees and apply the stain by hand.

My deck was wet all day...and I had to wait 24 hours until I could use it again.

Seriously. I need a girlfriend.

The deck and I caught red handed.


prez said...

You need a bigger deck.

Middento said...

You know, Angela stripped and sealed up my deck just last month.

Well, only the upper part. The lower part of the deck still needs some work. Then again, Xan is having a good time slipping and sliding on the lower part of the deck when it's all wet and slippery, so who knows.

As for me, my current house project involves plugging up holes.

Anonymous said...

Ok that pic is just too damn cute. You're right though, you do need a girlfriend lol...

Anonymous said...

I read your blogs just so I can cough up blobs.

McNastabator said...

Dear Anonymous:

I don't ask much. All I ask is for comments to make sense. And you failed miserably.

Anonymous said...

you ass. daddy?