Friday, June 09, 2006

One of those days

Yeah...yeah....yeah....a more thorough handling of the marathon is forthcoming, and yes...I will add little messages for those audio snippets recorded during the marathon.

I seriously just had "one of those days."

New interest: disinterested.

New roommate: mating somewhere else.

Marathon celebratory festivities: cancelled (I really despise when people spell "cancelled" with one "l" by the way) due to lack of festivities.

So how did I spend my day you ask? What did I do with this gift of life?

PS2 all gosh darn day. Seriously. I beat a PS2 game. I can feel my brain decaying. I left the house for lunch with a friend. And I went to the gym. Besides that: many, many hours of playing a videogame. Seriously, am I 13 years old?

Just one of those days.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who puts ketchup on their chicken and plays PS2 are NOT considered adults. It's a known fact.... Says me :)

prez said...

I am requesting a more thorough handling of the marathon.

chumly said...

I was in an bad accident once. I bought a PS and Nintendo. I spent hundreds of dollars on the games and for 2 years, it was a really bad accident, I played those games. Now I can't look at a PS2 3 6 or 10! Fortunately I now have 3 grandkids and they inherited the games early. Your are still an adult. Don't worry about it. Personally I am looking forward to my second childhood.

McNastabator said...

Happy, Darron. Is that thorough enough for you?

And thanks, Chumly. At least someone understands my needs.

prez said...

I can't believe I've been replaced by a guy named Chumly.