Thursday, May 04, 2006

Those Who Can't Do...Have Nephews

Seeing as how I don't have a wife or kids, I spend holidays and birthdays and the like with my sister's kids. It's awesome. I get to play with them and/or watch them play with their friends...and then when time's up...I drive home with no diapers in sight.

This past weekend was Mason's first birthday party. My sister is pretty after people started to head home, she let me turn on the Laker game...Game 3 versus Phoenix (Lakers won...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS)

Anyway, I asked Jake, my older nephew, who will be five in September, if he knew any of the Laker players. I discovered that he didn't.

As it is within any uncle's right to warp the mind of his young relatives, I let him know that the Lakers were the best team in the NBA...and that Kobe Bryant was the best player in basketball.

"Kobe is number 8" I told him.

After about five minutes, he started catching on. "Is that Kobe with the ball right now, Uncle Mark?"

"No...not him...."

"Is that Kobe with the ball now?"


"Is that Kobe, Uncle Mark?" As a close up of Kobe was on the screen.

"Yup....that's him."

"He's number 8, Uncle Mark."

Beaming with pride..."Yes...that's him!"

"Uncle Mark?"

"Yes, Jake?"

"Why does Kobe have brown on his face?"

"Ummmmmmmm...whoa look at that...time for commercial!"

I am just not ready for that type of question.

The best thing about nephews....they make me feel clean!

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Middento said...

I'm sure you taught Mason how to stick out his tongue like that. That is, after all, one of the first things I taught my son.

OK, everyone, let's all contemplate someone calling Mark "Daddy"...

(OK, now let's try that again except this time it isn't being said by some daytime hooker.)