Friday, May 12, 2006

More Than Slightly Nervous

I am running 20 miles tomorrow morning....and although this is only 1.5 miles longer than my run a few weekends ago, something about the first number in the distance being a "2" is freaking me the fuck out.

Also, I have picked up a case of the shin splints...and for those of you who have never had those...just imagine accompanying every step you take...a shot of pain running up your leg from your ankle to your knee. HURRAY!

Tomorrow, I am practicing a technique called ignore the pain...which is something I have gotten fairly decent at doing thus far.

I had a meeting of the psychological minds during my last long run...where it was determined that we are running this marathon for those who can't run for themselves. This will be an ever-repeating mantra for me tomorrow morning.

Cross your fingers for me!

1 comment:

prez said...

Run it for me, Mark... Run it for me.

Oh wait... you were probably referring to people with cancer.

Never mind.