Sunday, April 02, 2006

Two more months

I am always that guy doing something kind of crazy. I can't have a normal 9 to 5 life. I can't live in a place for more than a year without going a little nuts. And I don't believe in cleaning my bathroom more than twice a year. OK...maybe that is more gross than crazy.

So anyway, I am now two months away from this marathon thing...and this shit is getting serious. On Saturdays we do our long runs, and this last Saturday was an "easy" day where we only ran eight miles. It's scary, that run WAS really easy. In the next few weeks though...I will be running 14 and 16 miles respectively, so we'll see how I feel. Sometimes after these long runs, I get really, really sore....and can't do things like walk. I also told a friend of mine after these runs that I have a hard time "bending over" when I meant "kneeling." We followed this with about 30 minutes of gay jokes. It's amazing how long two straight guys can talk about gay, anal sex. But, I digress. All things considered, running 12 miles a few weeks ago was such a mental gain. I realized that I can do matter how painful the ceaseless pounding is on my legs.

I have also decided to actually start eating healthy, too, for this race. Over the past year I have gained and lost the same 15 lbs to 20 over and over again. On any given week, I can weight anywhere between 210 and 230 lbs. It's absolutely crazy how easily my body can gain and lose weight.

So anyway, my plan is to try and actually see if I focus on this weight loss thing while I am running to see how low I can go. I am assuming I can drop down to about 200 lbs in a few months.

I started this tonight by going to McDonalds as a last hurrah before I focus in on two months of real training. They have some ranch chicken bacon sandwich thing now, which I had never had nor even heard of before. It was kind of gross...but what a way to say goodbye to greasy food for two months. On a total side note, why are all McDonalds commercials so ghetto now? Maybe if they made more commercials about ugly-ass white dudes with a normal income going to McDonalds, I would go more often. They just don't market to me. Oh...and their food sucks...that is another reason I hardly ever eat there. I am actually feeling like such shit right now. I want to make myself throw up. I'm lovin' it.

Lastly, I ended up at another gay party last night. I really don't know how I get myself into these situations...but man, what a sight! There we big, BEEFY guys running around in 12-inch heels and skirts. I also met this yoked German dude who bonded (not in that way) with me over Czech beer being the best in the world. I found it comical to have this conversation with him while he was wearing a shirt that my 1-year-old nephew probably couldn't fit into.

I also had an eye-opening chat with this other dude who is 34 and "just found out he was gay last labor day." I don't know if it really works that way...but I do now have a better sense of what we are supposed to do on that holiday...just do a little check in on the ol' sexuality. I guess for some people, that is a bit more laborious than for others.


Middento said...


I have so much I could say about your gay party experiences that I won't say anything at all.

What I will say is: if you want to stop eating at McD's, go rent Super-Size Me. I haven't been so repulsed by a movie -- and so changed my eating habits, I don't go to McD's for ANYTHING anymore -- since that film.

McNastabator said...

I have seen Super Size Me...and, professor, you can tell how often I go to McDonalds because I didnt even know they had the chicken thing on the menu.

Somebody watchy watchy too many movies. are a loyal posting-guy on my, I forgive you.

prez said...

Men in our thirties, unite! I, tired and hungry, was enticed to visit Carl's Jr. last night and try that new jalapeƱo burger. Damn you, Carl! And your little same named son, too!

Interestingly, new study out about commercials - comparing BET, the WB, and Disney Channel, 66% of the fast food ads and 82% of the drink ads were on BET, compared to 34% and 11% for the WB and 0% and 6% on Disney.