Friday, April 14, 2006

Seriously Sirius

I have had Sirius Satellite Radio since Christmas. I got it as a present...I just didn't install it until two days ago. Lay off, I'm a busy guy. Ha!

Anyway, it is SPECTACULAR. Tons of different stations...but I had to laugh yesterday when I was listening to ESPN radio which I get on AM, too. That was kind of dumb. But, I also heard some classics like Cinderella yesterday. It was on a station called Hair Nation!

So a friend of mine wrote a blog: Maccerz Blog basically saying that he can predict all these great technological things, and he foresees satellite radio going bye-bye because of the internet.

I don't agree with him. I see the two sattelite companies merging...and I have stock in Sirius so I hope they do! The stock is cheap, so it was small risk possibility for huge reward. It was my first time buying stock...which strangely made me feel very adult. Somebody SMACK me. Somebody female smack me.

Whatever happens, it's one of the coolest presents I have ever gotten. Not counting the gift of friendship that I get to re-open every day.

hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaah (sorry, that made ME laugh)

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