Thursday, April 13, 2006

Passing Thought

I am in the middle of my pretend Spring Break (I work at a bunch of colleges, one of which does not have Spring Break this week...SON OF AAAAAAAAAAAAA).

I just went on a Six Feet Under Marathon....and I only have a few shows to go until I find out what happens. So nobody post anything to ruin know how overwhelmed I get with having too many posts.

Anyway, in the middle of watching this show, I start thinking to myself " do you know you aren't crazy?"

To which I had no answer.

Then I thought: "Maybe I just spend most of my day trying to pretend I'm not crazy...and spend the rest of my time distracting myself so I don't realize how crazy I really am."

I didn't respond to that either.

Finally I thought "Maybe I shouldn't be having this conversation with myself..."

To which I responded "What conversation?"


prez said...


At the end, someone dies.

McNastabator said...

Obviously, Mr. Smarty Pants, you've never seen the show.

Somebody dies about five episodes from the end.