Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To 18 Miles

First of all (or last of all) I ran 18.5 miles...because 18 just wasn't enough for me. This chick and I decided to run the last half-mile cool down zone. Why...I dunno.

But even before that, two crazy things happened to me today, both of which would have been really, really funny if they would have happened to someone else, but they didn't.

At about mile 10, I stopped to stretch at one of the aid stations where you get your Gatorade on. I didn't feel like stretching right in front of the table, so I moved about 20 feet to the left of it, where I saw a huge, wooden post to press up against (sounds more exciting than it is, believe me) to stretch my calves. I get into position, one leg slightly behind the other, hand on the post to push back and stretch the calf. But wouldn't you know it, this wooden post, which doubled as a sign for the business inside, was completely rotted out. SO the second I pushed on it, it started falling towards the building's window! I instantly freak out and grab the post and did the "Did anybody see that look" over my shoulder as I slowly placed the rotten piece of post upright, and back away. That was a disaster nearly averted.

On the other hand, at about mile 15, I was motoring along, doing pretty well...and I am inside this group of about ten people, all of which were women. At this point, I am kind of tired and zoning, so I don't notice this metal post (what was it today with me and posts?) that had an additional piece of metal sticking out horizontally about four feet off the ground. As I run by the metal BAM (echo BAM...echo BAM....echo BAM)....the piece that was sticking out RAKES across my arm....which wouldn't have been so bad except that everyone within a half-mile radius heard me plow into the thing. My arm was totally bleeding, but I was fine physically. I was very embarrassed though...and that wasn't helped by people asking me for the next ten minutes "Are you OK...I saw you run into that post back there."

More signs (huh huh...get it?) that humans were not meant to run this far.


prez said...

Wait wait wait... your running partner is a baby chicken? That sounds kinda dangerous - for the chick, I mean, cuz your feet are kinda big and you keep running into things.

But still, it's pretty cool that a chick can run so far. I had no idea they could do that.

McNastabator said...

See...I told you Darron had a drug problem.