Saturday, February 11, 2006

Audio Blog

I just ran five miles this morning in training for a marathon I am going to run in June. One of the goals, we are told, it to run at a conversational pace. Luckily, on Saturdays, we have a ton of running partners so there is always someone to talk to and I can make sure I am not going too fast or too slow.

But, during the weekdays, although there are meetings where I could run with other people, the timing doesnt always work out. day, I will revisit the audio blog on about mile 3 or 4 of a run to make sure I am still running at a conversational pace.



prez said...

I get the "maybe" thing. Oh yes. I get it.

Anonymous said...

Man oh man you have A LOT of flippin time on your hands dont ya? lol yeah but these little "stories" are CRAZY!!!!! lol

Anonymous said...