Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I hate this feeling

I hate feeling like all my creativity is just a frickin' sham.

In my Blogger Profile, I "uniquely" put my interest as "Not Blogging."

Ha Ha Ha I think. I am soooooooooo funny.

I go into my profile tonight because I am bored out of my mind...and I notice there is a link to my ever-so-clever "not blogging" comment.

Wouldn't you know it...there are 18 other people that are just as clever as I am.

Go me.

1 comment:

prez said...

It's not a sham.

Name me one other person in the world who would have named a horse head on a stick "Sir Spanks-a-lot" or, for that matter, who would bar-b-q a sock on Thanksgiving, or, for that matter, who would kiss Chris on the cheek on New Year's.