Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Married Life?

This is a true conversation I had today with a friend of mine. He is about 40 years old and has been married for some time. We'll Call him Darron to protect his true identity.

Mark: So, Darron, where do you want to go to lunch?

Darron: Oh I don't know.

M: How about Tio Leo's?

D: Sure. Where is that?

M: Over on Morena and Linda Vista.

D: Yeah. That's my wife's favorite restaurant.

M: Cool. Do you want to go there, then?

D: Do you know the exact address. I haven't been there in awhile.

M: *Chuckle* It's your wife's favorite restaurant, and you haven't been there in so long you don't remember where it is?

D: Honestly. I don't really care for that place.

M: Oh. Well did you want to go somewhere else?

D: Nah...we can go there.

M: Dude. If you don't like it...we dont have to go. like five minutes later we settle on Applebees.

I have been thinking about this conversation ALL day. Anyone else find this humorous?


prez said...

Must you use my name in vain?

prez said...

More blogs. Must make more blogs!

prez said...

Wow - your blog got spammed. Down with Darrel Clinton!

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